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Have you already hugged yourself today?
Jan 14, 2024
In our lives, attention and external validation have a big impact. But we often forget to look within. Why not show ourselves the love, compassion, and strength we need? Let's hug ourselves!
The first new moon of 2024
Jan 11, 2024
Those who started 2024 with the idea that everything would change have discovered that this is not the case. But don't give up, because 2024 is about to catapult us into a new era. But first, we need to prepare the foundations so we don't get thrown out of the window. Take a look with us at what this means.
2024 - The Year of The Strength
Jan 01, 2024
The Strength Card will be the official tarot card of the year 2024. This card has great spiritual and numerological significance that is worth exploring.
The Magic of Handwriting Letters
Oct 10, 2023
An old soul through and through, our co-editor Sophia Cosby is an advocate for handwritten correspondence. Here she explains the particular magic of handwriting letters and how to write a good one.
Kill them with kindness
Aug 31, 2023
Humility and respect are two fundamental cornerstones for relating to one another, and we have certainly all had to deal with people who, while these concepts were being distributed, had gone to the bathroom. So, how do we respond to a disrespectful attitude towards us?
The Subtle Art of Cursing
Jun 20, 2023
With this article we want to help you to recognize a curse, how to protect yourself against such powers and to show you where such negative energies come from.