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November 21, 2021

Wanna know what we've been working on these past months? Our co-founder Irène has some very exciting news to share with you.

The Magic of Handwriting Letters

November 03, 2021

An old soul through and through, our author is an advocate for handwritten correspondence. Here she explains the particular magic of handwriting letters and how to write a good one.

Why pajama parties strengthen female friendships

July 28, 2021

Our co-founder Irène spontaneously spent the night at a friend's house and discovered: Sleepovers are better for friendship than any after-work happy hour.

The Case for the Early Morning Walk

July 22, 2021

Some thrive at the crack of dawn, others don’t feel like themselves until the moon comes out. Although our illustrator and author Sophia Cosby enjoys the occasional all-nighter, she loves a early morning walk. Here's her morning routine for more creativity and productivity.

Why do we feel so tired?

March 24, 2021

Constant weather changes, daylight savings, and hormone fluctuations: These are all the reasons why we feel so listless right now. But there are things you can do to combat this springtime fatigue.

Venus, The Goddess of Love

February 14, 2021

Since today is Valentine’s Day it is the perfect opportunity to talk about the love energy we get from the universe in 2021 and to connect on a deeper level with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and  divine feminine energy. 

Como Shambala Estate: Finding The Way To Yourself

February 11, 2021

Christina Ong, fashion entrepreneur and luxury resort magician, has created a place near Ubud where holistic healing and spiritual wellness are possible as our co-founder Irène experienced herself.

The Cosmic Energies Of 2021

January 15, 2021

"From an astrological perspective this 2021 won't be as intense as last year" our astrologer Ursi says. We will have a lot more of Aquarian energy, that represents a free spirit which means a revolutionary, inventive energy is coming our way.

The Place Retreat: Discovering Oneself

January 15, 2021

Founded by Jean-Claude Chalmet, The Place retreat in Bali grants access to one’s own heart through the practice of  Kundalini yoga, talk therapy and reiki.

How Astrology Can Be A Tool of Empowerment

December 31, 2020

Astrology reconnects us with the cycles of nature, the cosmos and is a wonderful tool that helps us become more consciously aware of who we truly are, hence we can become less judgmental and more compassionatewith ourselves but also with our environment.

TGC's Ingredients Guide

November 30, 2020

With so many different flavors, fresh herbs, flowers, crystals, seeds or essential oils, there are endless possibilities for not only using them as an ingredient but also to garnish your altar, flavoring your moon bath or smudging mixture. 

The Importance of Spending Time Alone

November 29, 2020

Many people avoid being alone because they’re afraid of what they might discover. Spending time in your own head is a tricky thing. Our author and illustrator Sophia shows you in this article how you can commit yourself to helping yourself grow by inviting yourself to some alone-time.

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