La Vita è Bella

La Vita è Bella with Ashly Jernigan
09 Dec, 2023
Ashly Jernigan, a very talented illustrator and graphic designer from Sedona, Arizona USA, lives in Zurich with her husband and two children and is the coauthor and illustrator of the feminist cookbook 'a table set for sisterhood'. In this insightful interview, Ashly tells us about her background growing up in a Mormon family, how vulnerability is what makes her feel most at home and takes us with her into her world.
La Vita é Bella with June Liechti Adamson
04 Dec, 2023
June Liechti Adamson, founder of Biel-based Junie Juice, tells us how she created her brand of tasty organic cold-press juices and takes us with her into her life, showing us all its different facets. In addition, June created the tasty 'Gogdess Juice' for us, which will accompany us in our future events.
La Vita è Bella with Yasmine Yamada
02 Dec, 2023
Yasmine Kimiko Yamada, a very talented skater and former Swiss champion who has participated in countless competitions at world level, including the European and World Figure Skating Championships, takes us with her into the world of mental health. An interview not to be missed!
La Vita è Bella With Nagehan Dobler
26 Oct, 2023
Nagehan Dobler, the founder of Nana Gotti – a Zurich-based luxury womenswear label – talks in this article about how she transformed herself from a so-called "Enfant terrible" into a successful fashion designer and shares a unique mindfulness practice with you.
La Vita è Bella with Paolo Mereu
11 Oct, 2023
Fashion designer Paolo Donatello Mereu has made it his mission to breathe new life into discarded fashion pieces with his creative hub Due Due Studio. He talks to The Goddess Collective about his creation process and reveals his sources of energy.
La Vita è Bella with Karin Kämpf
12 Sep, 2023
Karin Kämpf, the owner and creative mind of the fairytale-like fashion boutiques ByAdushka, is a new member of our beloved TGC family. In our blog format, "La Vita è Bella", Karin shares with you her favorite spiritual practice that keeps her grounded and tells you all about her inspirations regarding fashion.