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The Subtle Art of Cursing
Jun 20, 2023
With this article we want to help you to recognize a curse, how to protect yourself against such powers and to show you where such negative energies come from.
Let me/us/them cry!
Jun 16, 2023
Do you get uncomfortable watching a loved one or someone you know cry? If yes, this article by our co-owner Irène might help.
The Benefits of Dragon's Blood
Jun 09, 2023
This article discusses the healing and spiritual properties of the Dragon's Blood resin.
How to overcome sick-day guilt
Apr 10, 2023
Many of us know that feeling. We wake up one morning and feel bad, but reaching the boss and calling in sick makes us feel guilty. This article helps you understand where this guilt comes from and how to put it to rest once and for all!
How to do a spring detox according to Ayurveda
Mar 21, 2023
The Spring Equinox not only marks the beginning of a new and airier vibe. Why don't we use this vibe for a detox cure – for example, with Ayurveda – to boost our immune system? We spoke with an Ayurveda expert on the whys and hows.
The Importance of Spending Time Alone
Feb 28, 2023
Many people avoid being alone because they fear what they might discover. However, spending time in your head is a tricky thing. Our author and illustrator, Sophia, shows you in this article how you can commit to helping yourself grow by inviting yourself to some alone time.