About TGC

Since launching The Goddess Collective (TGC) many moons ago, it’s been our heartfelt mission to mindfully build a conscious lifestyle brand that serves a higher purpose. And to build an inclusive community, a collective, that offers a safe space, supports each other and everyone throughout the challenges of daily life and can be used as a source of inspiration and empowerment.

As we began to explore the world of spiritual growth, ancient wisdom, and the gifts from Mother Nature, we increasingly felt that there was a lot of misunderstanding and even selfishness. That is why we decided to create a modern wellness space that felt fresh, accessible, and supportive, modernizing the narrative of spirituality.

Alessia von Rohr has taken the reins of TGC since January 2024, bringing with her a wealth of experience in business administration to lead the organization to new heights.

Born in Ticino, she has been working in the construction industry as Head of Finance, HR, Administration and IT since completing her Master's degree in Corporate Management at the HSG.

Despite being a highly rational individual, Alessia's world was turned upside down after the loss of two beloved individuals in her life. This experience introduced her to the world of spirituality, leading her to embrace the concept of "spiritual rationality." Through TGC, Alessia seeks to help individuals who have faced challenging times, feeling alone and misunderstood.

Her journey serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is always hope.

The world of TGC

Meet the Community

The most important thing for TCG is its community. Without it, we would have no reason to exist. For this, we continuously create collaborations and events where you can meet, discuss current issues and problems, or simply feel that you are not alone.

Product selection

TGC's goal is to inspire, empower and accompany people of all genders, ethnicities, ages, and universes in all stages of their adult lives. For this, we have created and carefully selected natural products from controlled sources and companies, which empower and inspire a happy and self-loving life and will help you discover your inner goddess, god, or an enlightened being of your choice.

Learn, read & travel

We draw inspiration from everyday life, problems and dramas and tackle them, starting difficult conversations and opening taboos so you don't have to. At our side, interesting personalities who inspire us with our interviews show us their vulnerabilities and help us find a way to face dreams and fears. For you, we also venture into urban jungles or get inspired by interesting destinations. Knowing when it can be stressful to travel, whether for pleasure or for work, we offer you unforgettable travel bucket lists, even short ones.