Why I chose to put on red lipstick, even when home alone

August 05, 2023

Wearing red lipstick is often considered a seductive look. Why not? But, according to our co-owner Irène, it makes total sense to wear red lipstick not only when you go out, but also at home.

Joanita Sidi's Beauty Regimen

March 30, 2023

Self-care is very important to Joanita Sidi, a model, and dancer from Zurich, and is part of her everyday beauty routine. In this article, she shares practices that strengthen and inspire her soul. And, ours too.

Rashunda Tramble's Beauty Regimen

February 08, 2023

Rashunda Tramble aka Staywoketarot is a tarot reader and writer living in Ticino, Switzerland. In this article, she shares with you her beauty routine as well as the best beauty advice she was ever given. 

Joshua Amissah's Beauty Regimen

October 20, 2022

Joshua Amissah, the curator of BLACK ART MATTERS 2020 and freelance editor, shares with you in this article not only his personal beauty regimen but tells you as well why he started not putting the blinds down before he go to sleep.

Jennifer Tschugmell's Beauty Regimen

May 22, 2022

In today's Beauty Regimen stylist and flower artist Jennifer Tschugmell shares with you her routine, which is inspired by her mother and a scent, that cleanses you of "mala energía" (bad energy).

Ursula Häusler's Beauty Regimen

May 07, 2022

Ursula Häusler from U R Unique Coaching & Astrology, a Swiss-based Authenticity & Empowerment Coach as well as Astrology Lover, shares here withy you her beauty regimen and tells you about her Birth Chart Ruler.

The TGC-Team's Insider Beauty-Guide

May 05, 2022

In this article, we'll tell you which hairdresser has been perfectly blonding the hair of our co-founder Irène for over five years, in which spa we always find ourselves again, or which nail art designer could even make Billie Eilish a fan.

Alexandra Kruse's Beauty Regimen

April 23, 2022

Alexandra Kruse, a Zurich-based astrologer, writer, stylist and magic mama, spends hours with her various beauty regimens. Her favorite spa: The pink bathroom in her own apartment. 

Margo Marrone‘s Beauty Regimen

April 09, 2022

Margo, the founder of The Organic Pharamcy – a certified-organic line of beauty products that is sought after worldwide and loved by celebs such as Lily Collins –, is also a shaman, pharmacist, herbalist, entrepreneur and potion maker. Here she shares here daily beauty routine with you.

Verena Ofarim's Beauty Regimen

March 26, 2022

Verena Ofarim, LOVEHEALING'S co-founder and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, firmly believes that we can achieve and change a lot in life through our conscious thought power. In this article she not only shares her beauty regimen but gives you some insight in her very own self love practices.

Fira Faoro's Beauty Regimen

March 12, 2022

In our newly created blog content "The Beauty Regime of ...", our TGC Family Member Fira Faoro shares with you her favorite beauty products and well-being practices.