Tarot Readings & Channelings Policy

All readings are confidential.  

Terms and Conditions  

To book an in-person channeling or intuitive tarot reading in Zurich (CHF 160/1hr) or to purchase/redeem a gift certificate, please go here, but please read the below first. It contains essential information about our channeling or reading techniques and terms and conditions. 

  • The payment must be made in full before the scheduled reading. 
  • You must be at least 18 to book or receive a channeling or reading by The Goddess Collective. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do a channeling or a reading. 
  • We have a 10-minute waiting period. We completely understand that life happens, but if we don't hear anything from you before our session, we reserve the right to cancel your reading without the possibility of a refund. If you'll be late, please E-Mail us at book@thegoddesscollective.ch and let us know. Please DO NOT send us a message concerning your channeling or reading through social media. 
  • You confirm your familiarity and agree to our terms by booking a channeling or reading.  

Refund policy  

Please note that The Goddess Collective does not offer refunds after channelings or readings. This means that if we do your channeling or reading and it's not to your liking, you will not receive a refund. When you order from us, you pay for our time and expertise.   

Please note that The Goddess Collective does not offer refunds if you miss your channeling or reading. This means that if you schedule a reading, then forget that you've scheduled the reading and miss it, you will not receive a refund.  

Please note that you must pay the total price again if you miss your channeling or reading and want to reschedule. For example, if you schedule a channeling or reading, then forget that you've scheduled the reading and miss it but want to reschedule, you will have to pay for the rescheduled reading.  

Please note that The Goddess Collective does not offer refunds for gift certificates. This means that if you buy a gift certificate for a friend and the friend never books a reading or never contacts us to schedule a reading, you will not receive a refund.  

Cancellation policy  

We have a 24-hour notice period for canceled readings. If you do not give sufficient notice, you will not receive a refund and must pay the full fee if you want to reschedule. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you can't keep your appointment. 


Our vision consists in creating a world where everyone feels in the right place and accepts their person as they are, continuing the research and evolution of themselves because we never stop evolving, improving, and learning. TGC is a thriving community, space, and voice for an awakened generation – no matter your age. It's a lifestyle – an empowering and conscious lifestyle.


Each of us carries enormous experiences and emotions, which can often become a burden. Furthermore, with the birth of the internet and the evolution of social media, identifying with the perfect characters we see online has become increasingly difficult. Adding up all these factors, fundamental problems often arise, such as not accepting oneself for who one is, often leading to self-destructive behaviours such as crazy diets, cosmetic surgeries, drugs, etc., to achieve ideals that are impossible. In these moments, we feel alone, excluded, and not understood. Even in everyday situations, one can often feel like an alien – our owners, Alessia and Irène, have been there and done that. This is why we made it our mission to take our community by the hand and show everyone out there that a person's problems – no matter how big or small – are only human and must be acknowledged. Only in this way can we grow. And doing it together is much easier.

Together, we are stronger!

Our values


Mother Nature is our heroine and muse. This is why we choose and produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Authenticity & honesty

We are as strong as our community is, and integrity is one of the essential keys to having the foundation of trust on which all our work is based.

Diversity and inclusion

Our world is so beautiful because of its variations. And we want to celebrate everyone in their diversity!

Union & Acceptance

Only by accepting our diversity can we create our collective and therefore be able to help our community.

Authenticity & honesty
Diversity and inclusion
Union & Acceptance