Channeling and Intuitive Tarot Reading by The Goddess Collective

Beloved ones, thank you for your interest in receiving a channeling or intuitive tarot reading with Alessia and Irène. We feel blessed and deeply honoured that you are gifting us your trust. In return, we want to give you the best channeling or reading we can offer. We also want you to walk away from channelling or reading feeling cherished and empowered – with the tools needed to support yourself and your loved ones throughout the challenges (good or bad) of daily life. And to celebrate yourself.

Our sessions take place in our office, which is located at Leutschenbachstrasse 95 in 8050 Zurich.

Irène's readings are held in German, French and English. Channeling sessions with Alessia are held in German, French, English and Italian.

Please note that channelings or readings are separate from professional, qualified help. We are not attorneys, doctors, financial advisors, psychologists, or psychotherapists. Therefore, we can't provide legal, medical, or financial advice or psychological counseling.

By booking a tarot reading or channeling session you accept our Tarot Readings & Channelings Policy

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If you have a question regarding Tarot Radings or Channelings write to us here, we will reply as soon as possible!