2024 - The Year of The Strength

2024 - The Year of The Strength

01 Jan, 2024The Goddess Collective

A new year has started, presenting us with fresh opportunities and the chance to shape our story in the upcoming 365 days. Gaining a new perspective by seeking guidance from the cosmos can make this process much easier.

One way to do this is by examining the Universal Tarot Card of the Year. Each year corresponds to a Universal Tarot Card, offering insights into the collective energy that will impact everyone in the coming year. These archetypal themes reflect karmic lessons, the abundance of opportunities ahead, and our potential challenges. This information is valuable as it can help us enhance our plans and adapt to the unfolding events.

How do you find the yearly card?

The yearly card can be calculated by breaking the year into single digits and adding them to find our universal number. For 2024, that would be:

2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8.

In the Major Arcana the number eight corresponds to the Strength, also the Tarot Card for the Year 2024.

A quick look back

To understand where we must go, we must first know where we come from. 2023 was the Year of the Chariot, and in most tarot decks, this card shows a warrior standing inside a chariot driven by two black and white sphinxes. It is, therefore, up to the one who sits in the chariot to decide whether to continue to be pulled by the outside world or whether he finally takes the reins in his own hands and stops letting himself be led by third parties.

For many, 2023 was a tough year, with complex challenges and equally hard decisions to be made. But we made it, and 2024 is finally here. With the assumption that we have all finally had the courage to take the reins of our destiny into our own hands, let us look at what lies ahead.

What does The Strength Card represent?

This card shows a woman calmly holding the jaws of an adult lion. Although the lion looks menacing and strong, the woman seems to dominate him. What is fascinating is the grace with which she controls the lion. She is calm and collected, representing control and discipline, especially in times of great adversity.

The way she holds the lion's jaws also shows her bravery. Her controlling the lion without being too rough shows love and compassion. The blue background on the mountains indicates stability and the calm that comes with being stable.

The lion symbolises courage, passion, and desire, part of the human feelings necessary for survival. But if these feelings are not controlled, they can lead to our ultimate destruction.

The Strenght card represents neither brute force nor physical strength but the lion or lioness that everyone has within them to cope with life's challenges.

What does this card mean for 2024?

In the darkest moments we have all experienced in recent months and years, we discover our true strength. With the New Year, the time has come to overcome the obstacles we encounter concerning our doubts, fears and anxieties. 

This year, you must learn to master your fears and anxieties, to be brave and bold, and to dominate your emotions. This card shows you that you have all the skills you need to succeed; the goal now is to conquer your inner worries and believe in yourself. It is time to discover complete self-control so that you respond to all external stimuli entirely centred and in control. Because, as we all know, emotional reactions never start anything good...

Take the time you need to master your emotions, be patient and compassionate with yourself, and you will find new confidence in yourself and your abilities. This year has the power to offer the opportunity to go within oneself and explore the places of fear, pain, anger, doubt or whatever else seems uncomfortable for you to look at and incorporate and face it all with compassion, kindness and acceptance. 

What exactly does the Strenght Card mean to me?

This card invites you to believe in yourself, not to be dominated by your emotions and to allow yourself to be your true self.


 These are some of the questions to ask yourself: Are you living your own life, or are you being guided by the expectations of others? Do you act dominated by your emotions, or do you act with the calmness of a warrior? Are you afraid to look in the mirror, or are you proud to look up every morning?

This is the year of NO to others and many YES to yourself, of finally breaking the chains that keep you small, of telling yourself that yes, you are enough, more than enough and that you deserve the world. And much more.

Whatever comes your way this year, the energy of this card is here to remind you of your immense courage, unwavering patience and great inner strength. The Stenght tells you: "You can do it!".

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Love & Magic, TGC

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