Have you already hugged yourself today?

Have you already hugged yourself today?

14 Jan, 2024The Goddess Collective

In our world, seeking external attention and validation is common, causing us to overlook our inner selves. When seeking comfort, we turn to our loved ones or sometimes even strangers for a comforting hug. Touch is a fundamental human need. But if it's so fundamental, why do we search for it externally?

As already emphasised at the beginning, we direct our gaze (almost) always outwards, forgetting the person who has always been here and will always be here, throughout our lives: ourselves. So why not embrace this person who supports us no matter what?

Then there is nothing left to do but hug each other, and we should do it at least once a day!

The benefits of hugging yourself

Hugging oneself brings with it several benefits:

  1. It gives a feeling of acceptance of ourselves and compassion and strengthens the connection between mind and body.
  2. Embracing also helps us reconnect with our inner child, making them feel safe, offering reassurance, understanding and love to the vulnerable parts of ourselves, and creating a safe space for healing and growth.
  3. Self-embrace is a pure act of love and self-acceptance and symbolises the recognition that you are enough, just as you are. By embracing yourself, you embrace your flaws, strengths, and path. It reinforces the belief that you are worthy of love and affection from yourself and others.
  4. Under challenging times, a hug can offer consolation and comfort. Especially if we have no one else, hugging ourselves in difficult times can help us calm down and give ourselves the moral support we need, relieving stress and giving us a sense of calm and security.
  5. Self-hugging is a beautiful way to show yourself compassion and kindness. By wrapping your arms around yourself, you send a powerful message of love and support to your inner self and communicate to your subconscious mind that you deserve all the love, kindness and compassion unconditionally.
  6. Embracing yourself empowers you to rely on yourself for love and support, reminding you that you have the strength to face life's challenges within you, reinforcing the idea that you are your own greatest ally, able to provide the nurturing and care that you need.

Embrace yourself with open arms, knowing that you deserve the warmth, comfort and love of a sincere embrace, and do it in the way you most prefer, giving yourself all the love, understanding and strength you need and deserve.

Love & Magic, TGC

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