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Accessing Divine Clarity
Mar 06, 2022
Our guest author Elizabeth O'Connor Bandeen not only is a member of the original three, but a powerful heart worker as well. In this beautiful blog post she shares with you how communicating with your heart can guide you through moments when you find yourself in sorrow, pain or uncertainty.
Why pajama parties strengthen female friendships
Jul 28, 2021
Our co-founder Irène spontaneously spent the night at a friend's house and discovered: Sleepovers are better for friendship than any after-work happy hour.
The Case for the Early Morning Walk
Jul 22, 2021
Some thrive at the crack of dawn, others don’t feel like themselves until the moon comes out. Although our illustrator and co-editor Sophia Cosby enjoys the occasional all-nighter, she loves a early morning walk. Here's her morning routine for more creativity and productivity.
TGC's Ingredients Guide
Nov 30, 2020
With so many different flavors, fresh herbs, flowers, crystals, seeds or essential oils, there are endless possibilities for not only using them as an ingredient but also to garnish your altar, flavoring your moon bath or smudging mixture. 
A Guide For Intoxication
Nov 15, 2020
Nothing has the power to seduce quite like a great perfume. But how to do it right? Read on for our seven fool-proof steps.
The Ritual of Catharsis
Nov 15, 2020
Catharsis helps us make space in our minds and hearts. Whether consciously or not, it puts us in touch with intense emotions so that we can process them and let them go. In the spirit of promoting positive, caring catharsis, here are three a little bit different releasing rituals.