The Subtle Art of Cursing

The Subtle Art of Cursing

20 Jun, 2023The Goddess Collective

Today we want to talk to you about a topic that is very important to us: the curse aka recognizing a curse. This topic might sound shocking to you, but it’s important to raise awareness about it as it happens more often than one can expect, and in 90% of cases, you don't even realize that someone has cursed you. With this article we want to help you to recognize a curse, how to protect yourself against such powers and to show you where such negative energies come from.

Awareness is a very powerful word in general, but which in the case of a curse, is essential. Many things can happen until one realises the curse, and surely none will ever be good; from back problems, headaches, vomiting, and exhaustion to real diseases such as flu, but also tumours and cancer. Once cursed, black magic morbidly attaches itself to us like a parasite and grows with the help of our fears and weaknesses. That's why it is necessary to discover, analyse, and break the spell (and maybe return it to the sender...).

What is a curse

A curse is nothing more than negative energy that has been directed at you with the intention of causing you harm and suffering. Curses can be caused by a spell, a jinx, or even just a wave of the hand. It can be cast intentionally or even without even realising it. Regardless of how it happened, it's important to recognize that you’ve been cursed and to take steps to remove it.

How it happens

There is no manual or spell that you need to follow step-by-step to curse someone. This can happen in various ways, and it may happen that the person casting it doesn't even actively do it!

In fact, it has already happened to us several times to be cursed, and luckily we’ve always noticed it. Once, one of us was saying goodbye to someone who, for various reasons, was jealous. Approached to give a goodbye hug, the person gestured with the hand, blocking the hug. And right there the cruse happened. The result: a sickening headache and hurting back, as if someone had stuck a dagger dipped in poison right between the shoulders. We don't think the other person did this intentionally. That's why the art of cursing can be very dangerous.

Mostly though a curse happens intentionally, with someone casting a spell, a curse, or - as described in our case - unintentionally, with a pure hand gesture, with thought, for example, if we wish someone evil because we are jealous.

 How do I know I've been cursed?

  • You are feeling sick without reason. Curses can manifest in physical as well as emotional symptoms. As previously mentioned, you can experience dizziness, flu, vomiting, skin rashes, up to much more severe health problems as time passes.
  • You are more unlucky than usual. If little things happen to you, like spilling coffee on the carpet, the vending machine won't give you change, or more serious things like cutting your finger while cooking or getting fired out of the blue, someone has likely made the evil eye.
  • You feel like you're always being watched. Feeling constantly being observed even when no one is around is another common sign of having an evil eye.
  • You have constant nightmares. If you have bad dreams more often than usual, you wake up with anger, fear, then it is very likely that you have the evil eye.

How do I remove a curse?

The first step after being cursed is figuring out who placed the curse on you. Once the culprit is discovered, there are several ways to lift a curse and protect yourself in the future.

There are several ways to remove the hex and they depend on how it was cast, how long a person has had it and how strong the negative energy is. We strongly recommend that you contact an expert. NEVER try to remove a curse yourself, because this ritual requires neutral energy. Otherwise you would only risk doing further damage and aggravating the situation!

Last but not least, forgiving the person who cursed you is essential because it will help release all the negative energy you are holding towards that person. And as we know, negative energy is toxic for your body and your mind.

How can I protect myself?

There are several ways to protect yourself from curses. The first is to be centred. Only when energies are focused on the here and now are we energetically strong enough to repel evil. But always being in this state is almost impossible, especially if you work, if you have stress, etc.

Carrying a crystal with shield powers helps. Here you can find the selection of our crystals and crystal jewellery:

Our Athena medallion also helps against the evil eye.

Finally, aura sprays can also help against negative energies. Here you will find our assortment:

In conclusion, just as there is good, there is also evil, and it is important to be aware of it and know how to protect yourself. We remain at your disposal if you have any questions or would like further information.

Love & Magic, TGC

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