Rituals for New Moon in Aries

Rituals for New Moon in Aries

31 Mar, 2022The Goddess Collective

"It’s time to celebrate our collective rebirth: The new moon on April 1, 2022 is the first of the astrological New Year. This opportunity for large-scale renewal (you deserve it!) occurs in the sign of Aries, bringing all the bold, fiery momentum you’ve been hoping for. With all planets direct, and in support, there might not be another time in a long while better than this new moon for you to make some serious progress", Shereen Campbell – a Horoscope.com writer and the founder of New York City-based My Little Magic Shop – writes on stylecaster.com

To be more specific, tomorrow the Sun and the Moon will meet at 08:24, with which the Moon will begin a new journey of its cycle. Or as astro-queen Lori Haberkorn says on happinez.de: "We may begin a new journey with the new moon in Aries. A journey which above all brings us closer to our true identity and our soul path, because for Aries it is important to follow one's own visions and live them out as well.“

And thus the perfect moment to manifest and give your wishes to the universe. These rituals will help you to take action with courage, boldness and confidence.

1. Write a Reverse-To-Do-List
I copied this ritual from "A Discovery of Witches" actress Teresa Palmer. Here's how: Intentionally take time to reflect on the month or even last months and look back – month by month. What have you learned? What new positive thoughts did you gain? Where were you successful, where less so? What people and opportunities came into your life? Important: Write down your thoughts, the authentic and honest dialogue with yourself is so much more powerful. Especially this Reverse-To-Do-List is very effective and motivating when you see on paper what all you have achieved this year. Also try to draw a quintessence from March or of everything that happened to you this year, do a meditation on it and feel gratitude for everything that was and what will be in April and the months after. Or as Shereen recommends: "Take responsibility for where you are in life and where you want to be. Mars wants you to pursue your dreams with passion and ambition. Combined, there is a deep call for you to let go of any fears that may be sabotaging your progress and get on with it."

2. Create a Vision Board
Celebrities like Katy Parry do it, as do micro-influencers like Alexandria Gilléo: they create vision boards (career coaches call them goal or dream collages) and visualize their goals using collages of images, keywords and affirmations. You can do that, too. All it takes is a large piece of wrapping paper, scissors, your favorite magazines for the pictures, and lots of glue. However, before you start with the vision board DIY, make yourself aware of what exactly you want to achieve in terms of career, love, living or travel. The clearer you are, the more likely the vision board can inspire and even spur you on.

3. Draw a Tarot Card on the New Moon Day
As you know thanks to our co-founder Irène (remember our pop-up shop at Jelmoli last Xmas?) Tarot has nothing to do with witchcraft or black magic. Rather, card laying is about getting inspiration for everyday life or – in this case – for the upcoming month. As for the cards themselves: In addition to classic tarot cards, there are also sets dedicated to angels, fairies, animals and much more. The important thing is that you choose the set that best suits your inner self. One way to draw the right card for you is to ask the Universe for guidance after shuffling. Like this: "Thank you Uninverse for showing me what is important for the coming year." Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and draw a card.



Last but not least; let this New Moon in Aries remind you of your unrealized potential. Let it remind you that you, dearest ones, that you can be or do anything you wish. It is time to trust that the universe has your back and ride this glorious energy of Aries and boldly step forward. Happy New Moon!

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