Full Pink Moon Magic

Full Pink Moon Magic

14 Apr, 2022The Goddess Collective

"Sometimes I think of six impossible things before breakfast," is one of the most famous quotes from Lewis Carroll's fantasy novel Alice in Wonderland. The main character Alice thus signals to readers that we should definitely dare to dream big. A motto that fits perfectly to the next full moon.

This one starts on Saturday evening, more precisely at 20:54, while a (hopefully) gentle breeze blows through the cherry trees, which are in full bloom and thus look like pink cotton candy. The term pink full moon, however, does not come from the pink cherry blossoms, "...but because of the flame flowers that cover green meadows like a cloak in northern America," writes Alison Davies in her book "The Mystical Year."


In general, this full moon is all about renewal and recognizing beauty in one's surroundings. Of course, this is not easy at the moment, but all the more important so that we do not lose hope for better times. Because, every thought and every word (also in written form), is a kind of manifestation. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to stay in the light and love and thus manifest peace in the collective.

We also firmly believe that because of this harmonious-balancing constellation of stars, for once we won't be walking around like checkered and tired zombies. Rather, this full pink moon can have a grounding and balancing effect on us.

Best time for romance
If your stomach is tingling these days and you are longing for romance, this is due to Libra, according to various astrologers. In other words: "April's full moon in Libra can help achieving harmony and balance through accountability, an honest conversation, and reflection. Remember that this lunation is ruled by Venus; any and all work done under the full moon in Libra works to introduce beauty and collaboration back into your life," says NYLON astrologer David Odyssey.

Aphrodite spell for love


  • - Take a red apple, as this color is most associated with romance and passion. Carve your initials into it with a knife.
  • - If you already have a lover, carve their initials next to it. If you are still single, carve a heart shape around your letters and repeat the following prayer: "Aphrodite, hear my request, bring me my true love. Let my desire unfold until I receive what my heart longs for."
  • -Eat the apple and imagine yourself happy and in love in the future.

(Source: "The Mystical Year" by Alison Davies.


Dance, dance, dance
Admittedly: Dancing off alone in your apartment sounds a little strange. But it makes total sense, because dancing immediately releases various happiness hormones, including endorphins and dopamine. With jogging, for example, that doesn't happen for an hour. So we leave our jogging outfit in the closet, switch - inspired by 90s fashion icon Shalom Harlow - Nathalia Benson's Mystical AF playlist to super loud and just dance all the bad mood away. Or in other words, Shake It Off!

In this sense, happy full pink moon!

With love, to you -TGC Team


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