Protective Amulet - Gold Plated

340.00 CHF


This particular amulet was designed by the artist Garda Alexander, whose maiden name is Christa (thus Christa Design), who drew inspiration and knowledge from BioGeometry. BioGeometry utilises the "Energy of Shape" and specific geometrical shapes to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. This can be accomplished through sound, shapes, colours, movement, and orientation.

This amulet is made with 16 symbols of the infinite arranged in a circle. It helps the wearer increase productivity, reduce stress, harmonise environmental energy, and produce a centring energy effect.

The production takes place in Egypt, where Garda has been travelling for more than 20 years and where he set up his 'Kind und Kunst' project in Sinai. Every purchase helps the project and the families in Sinai. Read more about this by following this link: Kind & Kunst.


24k gold plated, produced in Egypt from the Sinai Project.


  • Diameter: 4cm.
  • Gold plated.
  • Without Chain.