Prisma Visions Tarot Cards

79.00 CHF

Prisma Visions Tarot is a deck about our earthly existence and the choices that propel us forward.


Prisma Visions is based on the classic symbolism of Rider-Waite-Smith but with an impressionistic modern approach. This edition features the special 79th card, the Tiny Elephants.

This Tarot deck includes minor arcana cards that come together to tell a story. The panoramic imagery of these suits aids in memorising each card's significance by associating the card's individual meaning with the suit's broader meaning.


  • The cards have identical backs, are printed with the highest quality inks on durable card stock, are finished with a matte UV varnish and are illuminated with mirror-like metallic silver gilded edges.
  • The cards come with a Booklet in English that explores the imagery of each card and its associated meanings, beautifully written by Katherine Tombs.
  • The Box is a durable one-piece flip-top clamshell box printed with a matte finish with holographic foil accents.
  • Prisma Visions Tarot includes a unique 79th card.