Owl of Athena Necklace with Simple Chain (60 cm)

125.00 CHF


In ancient times, the Greek goddess of wisdom was worshipped as the patroness of the arts and sciences. The owl symbolizes the power animal of Athena and is also called the bird of wisdom. Worn around the neck, this amulet made of 24-carat gold-plated brass is said to inspire the wearer, give them courage for leisure and stand by them in difficult times. The emerald integrated at the feet of the owl supports determination, responsibility, closeness to nature and love of life. Furthermore, the green gemstone is considered a symbol of beauty, harmony and hope.


24k gold plated brass and a facetted Emerald. The gold plating is applied with a 3-micron technique. Furthermore, our female artisans in Jaipur use recycled metals and ethical gems only.


  • Diameter à 2.7cm.
  • Chain length: 60 cm.
  • Gold plated.