"La Vita è Bella" with Carina Iten

"La Vita è Bella" with Carina Iten

21 Jul, 2023The Goddess Collective

Carina, what was the first spiritual practice you fell in love with, and why?
I grew up in a village by the lake; whenever I needed to be clear about my thoughts and feelings, I walked along the lakeshore. Somehow I felt that nature was giving me exactly the answers I needed. At that time, I didn't see it as a spiritual practice, but even today, I like to go into nature alone to sort out my thoughts and get answers. Later, in my teens, meditation followed, which is still my daily companion.

Mindful rituals you’re most faithful to?
I have a strict morning routine and try to connect with all senses and elements in the morning. This looks like drinking a glass of water on my balcony, feeling my bare feet on the stone floor, and feeling the fresh air or morning sun on my face. Then there is a meditation, followed by journaling and sound. I love to chant a mantra and play my singing bowls in the morning.

Carina's meditation practice

The first thing you do after waking up?
Oil pulling.

Go-to weeknight recipe?
For the body: The new Yoga Pot by Green Kitchen Stories.
For the soul: Dim the lights, use a fragrance diffuser or incense stick, and read a few pages in an inspiring book with a cup of tea.

First job?
Editor at a local radio station

Won’t fly without?
Headphones, I always listen to music.

What makes you feel at home?
I am a modern nomad, I feel as much at home in the jungle of Ubud as I do by the sea in Mallorca. I only need a bright, quiet place where I feel comfortable and can unfold.

When and where are/were you the happiest?
When I'm traveling, I never feel more alive than when I'm exploring foreign places. And when I have time to connect with my Mindfulness routine.

Why did you start Tender Mind and now Tender Ritual?
Meditation has been part of my life for years and has changed everything for me, yet I realized early on that many people do not find access to meditation or mindfulness. With Tender Mind, I want to change that and make modern meditation accessible to everyone in an undogmatic way because not only individuals but our whole society would benefit from it.

Tender Ritual was born out of my need to create beautiful atmospheres for my clients and classes. Also, I am always asked by my Reiki class participants where I get my products from. Since I am in Bali o, I contacted local producers who could make products based on my ideas.


Who or what inspires you?
I love the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and read his books several times a year.

First celebrity crush?
After the movie pearl harbor came out, I had a crush on Josh Harnett.

Favorite book ever and why?
I used to read a lot of fiction, and I loved the book "The Solitude of Prime Numbers" by Paolo Giordano. It was why I always wanted to write a book myself; so much depth and feeling between the lines, and it totally touched me. Now I read almost only non-fiction and love everything by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Which is your favorite song that always saves the day?
You've Got The Love by Florence & The Machine.

Things you could buy in bulk?
The older I get, the less I want to own, but maybe books; I certainly have hundreds at home, and it becomes more every month.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?
Getting up early, jogging in nature and meditating, swimming in the Limmat, reading and spending time with family and friends, cooking dinner together, having good conversation and a glass of wine, and enjoying the small moments of life.

A preferred form of exercise?
Anything where I can sweat and listen to loud music, like running, boxing, cycling.

Favorite dish or meal?
At the moment, watermelon, feta, and mint salad.

Proudest moment?
The launch event of Tender Ritual in June.

What is for you personally the meaning of life?
To get to know myself again and again, to live more and more connected with my intuition, less judging and more empathy, to feel everything, to love, and to experience life in all its facets.

If you had to pick only one TGC product, what would it be and why?
Owl of Athena amulet – I had an Astro reading two weeks ago, and the ancient Greek goddess Athena has been with me for a while; it would be a nice way to connect with her more.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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