Animal Magic Oracle Cards

59.00 CHF


Unlock the wisdom of the animal kingdom and deepen your connection with your Higher Self with the Animal Magic Oracle Cards. Created by visual artist Esther Sanchez, this vibrant oracle card deck is designed to nourish your relationship with your inner self and provide a sacred space for reflection and introspection.

Each of the 44 oracle cards features a unique, visually appealing illustration of an animal guide, rendered in vibrant colours and intricate details that enhance the overall experience. The cards are made from high-quality card stock, ensuring durability and a pleasant tactile experience.

Every card comes with an affirmation, a powerful tool to help ground you and focus your intentions throughout the day. These affirmations gently remind you of your inner strength and potential, guiding you towards clarity and focus in your daily activities and decision-making.

Package includes

44 Full-Color Oracle Cards

The deck also includes a comprehensive 108-page guidebook. This guidebook provides detailed explanations of each card, offering further insights and interpretations to help you understand the messages of your animal guides better.

The Animal Magic Oracle Cards come in a sturdy, visually appealing hardcover box. This box not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the deck but also provides a convenient and protective storage solution, ensuring that your cards and the guidebook are kept safe and secure.