Even on the days, we wake up feeling on top of the World, stress can get in the way of us doing our best at work. Statistics show that many absences are due to burnout, sick days, and low morale. Since COVID-19, looking after our mental and physical health has become ever more important.

That is why we offer a complimentary consultation to understand what kind of session would work best for you and your company. Sessions often combine the modalities we offer: From Kundalini yoga, to meditation, coaching, intuitive tarot readings and channeling sessions.

Whether you want something unique for mental health awareness day or planning a weekend away to work on teambuilding and relaxing, we can offer a range of events and associates to assist.

Why incorporate well-being at your company?

  • Improves Performance
    A study at Oxford University showed that happy workers at 13% more productive. Offering well-being is a lovely way to care for employees and show they are valued. 
  • Stress Relief
    Studies show that empowerment practices such as Kundalini yoga or meditation regulate our hormones and calm our nervous system. These changes assist in stress relief.
  • Mindset
    Mindset is everything. Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut at work or in our personal lives affecting work. Our modalities assist in changing perceptions and mindsets.
  • Team Building
    Make friends and improve internal relationships. Our sessions are great for integrating everyone and welcoming new employees into the workplace. 

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