Amazonite can be found in shades of purple, grey, green, and blue. However, most often, it is a greenish-blue colour.

History and mythology

Amazonite is known as 'Amazonian rock' because of its similarity to nephrite, which, according to the Indians of the Rio Negro, came from the 'Land of Women'. This is why it was attributed to the property of making women beautiful. In addition, some populations have given mythical significance to this stone; in Mesopotamia, amazonite was linked to the ocean goddess Tiamat, the embodiment of chaos. In India, it is the beautiful Estsanatlehi, the goddess of the earth. Amazonite is often used for jewellery and art objects (e.g. Tutankhamun's tomb).

Today, amazonite remains a very popular gemstone for its lithotherapeutic properties and hypnotic colour, which goes well with all types of jewellery.


Amazonite eliminates metabolic disorders of the liver and relieves muscle spasms. It strengthens the nervous system, harmonises the functions of the pituitary gland and thymus, and regularises the functioning of the internal organs. It has the power to strengthen the nerves after severe depression. In addition, it alleviates heart problems caused by excessive worry.

Amazonite instils resolve, confidence and a sense of freedom. It is a stone of transformation. It strengthens the ability to make decisions and develops personal intuition. The vibrations of amazonite stimulate one to complete what one has started, thus making one persevere. Amongst the stones, it is the one that gives us the most willpower to overcome stress, depression and vices. Its energy serves to combat bad habits such as alcoholism, drug addiction and smoking addiction as it fosters courage, determination and the instinct of self-preservation to overcome these vices.

It counteracts victimism and fatalism. It helps the subject to rid himself of the idea of being the victim of a cruel and unchangeable fate and encourages him to take the reins of his existence into his own hands. It reduces extreme mood swings and has a calming and balancing action. It helps overcome states of sadness and feelings of oppression.

Amazonite increases tolerance towards others, activates our expressive abilities and encourages us to speak according to our higher mind, encouraging balance in our is often difficult to express one's inner truth, but speech is a powerful tool to create reality. Through expressing personal truth, one gains respect for oneself and others.

How to charge

Amazonite can be charged under running water.