Why do we feel so tired these days?

Why do we feel so tired these days?

Feb 21, 2023The Goddess Collective

The first snow bells and crocuses are already blooming, but we are still yawning. The culprit is early springtime fatigue, which is anything but a medical fairy tale: almost 70 per cent of the population suffers from it from mid-February to mid-April. One reason for this is the temperature change that unfortunately often occurs during spring: as soon as it gets a bit warmer, the blood vessels dilate, and blood pressure drops. But, conversely, on days when it's colder outside, the blood vessels constrict, and the blood pressure rises. This constant up and down is stressful for our bodies and is why we constantly tire.

roller coaster

A hormonal roller coaster is one of the leading causes

Not to mention that our body also has to contend with a hormonal roller coaster, which, according to researchers at Georgetown University, is mainly responsible for springtime fatigue. This is because, in winter, our body produces mainly melatonin, a hormone that makes us tired. As soon as we get more light, the happiness-hormone serotonin is rereleased. This would be good if we still didn't have so much melatonin in our bodies left over from wintertime. It's a perfect storm of hormones that makes it difficult to wake up despite getting enough sleep.


Luckily there are ways of combating this fatigue:

Don't wear sunglasses

Daylight and the sun boost serotonin production, automatically putting us in a better mood. So: even if it's a bit bright, leave your sunglasses off and fill up on light because UV rays can only regulate the happiness hormone when they hit the retina directly.

Get some fresh air

Whether it's morning yoga with the window open or a walk outdoors: The more oxygen we absorb, the fitter we feel.

eat your carbs

Eat carbohydrates
Yes, you read that right: Next to vitamin-rich superfoods, carbohydrates can help against springtime fatigue. This is because starch or sugar increases blood sugar and transports serotonin to the brain. But we don't encourage going straight for pizza or chocolate. Instead, try wholemeal bread, potatoes, bananas, and dried fruit.

With love, TGC

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