2023 - The Year of The Chariot

2023 - The Year of The Chariot

Jan 23, 2023The Goddess Collective

Even for people who don't consider themselves spiritual, the start of a new year is always an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past year and anticipate what has just begun.

2022 has been a challenging year for many of us and kicked our asses. So the beginning of 2023 brings with it new hope and awareness.

However, before talking about the year to come, it is essential to take a break and reflect on the past twelve months. The year 2022, adding the numbers together (2+0+2+2), was the year of the number 6, which in the tarot represents The Lovers card.


The number 6 in numerology is associated with balance, responsibility, healing, and relationships. It's a time to reinvent yourself. Furthermore, the number 6, The Lovers, encourages us to consider what makes us feel safe, to honour the choices we have made and are making, and to be proud of how far we have come. 2022 helped us to create the rhythm, to acknowledge our personal growth and changes, and to take ownership of certain aspects of our life. It was a year of making it or breaking it, especially concerning relationships.

The meaning of 2023

The new year 2023 is the year of the number 7, which corresponds to the card The Chariot. The number 7 is considered to be both deep and wise. It forces us to refrain from settling for a trivial answer and searching for concrete solutions. 

In most tarot decks, this card shows a warrior standing inside a chariot driven by two black and white sphinxes. On his shoulders, he wears armour decorated with crescent moons, representing what is coming into being, plus a tunic with a square, which means the strength of will, and other alchemical symbols for spiritual transformation.


On his head sits a crown and a laurel, symbols of victory, success, spiritual evolution, and the connection with the Divine will. Emblazoned on his chest is a square, denoting the element of earth, the material world, which grounds him and his actions. Although he appears to be driving The Chariot, the warrior doesn't hold the reins, meaning that he controls the sphinxes through the strength of his mind and will. Instead, the charioteer stands tall ready to take action and move forward. 

The black and white sphinxes represent a symbol of duality, positive and negative, and opposing forces that the charioteer must learn to control. Note how the sphinxes are pulling in opposite directions; his task is to guide them towards his destination of choice, using his willpower, marked by the cosmic forces he represents.

Behind the Chariot flows a wide river, symbolizing the need to flow with the life rhythm while also charging ahead toward goals and intentions.

The Chariot helps us move beyond what is familiar, break old boundaries, open our eyes to the truth, overcome challenges, and gain victory by maintaining control of our surroundings. 

The Chariot's message strengthens you as you strive to achieve your goals.

Set your intentions

Set your intentions very clearly; write in your diary or on a piece of paper what exactly you want to achieve this year in various areas of your life:

  • spiritually
  • mentally
  • at work
  • emotionally
  • socially

You can break down your goals, step by step, to help you achieve them more easily.

We wish you a year full of satisfaction, joy, and love.
Your TGC Team.

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