Did HM the Queen believe in the Spirit World?

Did HM the Queen believe in the Spirit World?

Sep 08, 2022The Goddess Collective

TheBlasphemy! Some of you might want to shout at me whilst reading the title of this article. But hold your horses. Let me be clear: HM the Queen was a woman of deep personal faith who set lifelong examples of belief. Her faith was a real cornerstone of her life, biographer Sally Bedell Smith told “The Washington Times.” When Elizabeth, who reigned for 70 years, was a youngster, Mrs. Smith said, “she prayed every morning with her mother in their chapel in Scotland that was part of Balmoral Castle and where she died this afternoon.

Royals and the Spiritual World

However, royals who have explored Eastern religions, astrology, and mysticism aren’t such a strange thing at all. Not even in the UK Royal Family. Let’s look at Queen Elizabeth’s II eldest son and future King of England, Prince Charles, for example: According to Sally Bedell Smith, author of “Prince Charles”, he considers himself a seeker “at the edges of the Anglican faith” by studying the writings of Laurens van der Post – a South African teacher and clairvoyant – or Swiss Psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung. Or in the King’s to-be own words: “[I am] one of those people who searches,” Charles once said on his spiritual quest. “I am interested in pursuing a path if I can find it through the thickets.” No wonder poet Kathleen Raine nicknamed Charles her “philosopher king.”

What will this “philosopher king” mean for the future of the Anglican faith, you might ask? I honestly don’t know. Especially as historians said, Elizabeth’s invocation of God and supplication for his help was a serious reflection of her deep personal faith and of the implications inherent in her position as heir to the throne held by her father, King George VI. That is why Queen Elizabeth II considered herself being a “Defender of the Faith”.

This somewhat ultra-religious and antiquated expression aka "Defender of the (Christian) Faith" might indicate, that the late Queen of the UK did not really explore the Spirit World. But this is, where we think completely wrong, as Queen Elizabeth's II  faith was based on love.

Seeing the value of doing small things with great love

Addressing Britain and the world on Christmas Day in 2016, she declared her faith openly: “Billions of people now follow Christ’s teaching and find in him the guiding light for their lives. I am one of them because Christ’s example helps me see the value of doing small things with great love, whoever does them and whatever they themselves believe.”

And that’s all there is: LOVE. No matter what religion, faith, or mysticism we believe in. Because, if you manage to see every person and everything around you through loving eyes, this will take away all the self-loathing and self-hurting eventually.

And love is something you find everywhere: You’ll find it in the leaves falling from the trees and being softly carried away by an autumn breeze, or the heart-warming feeling when your dog is laying his head on your lap, or even in a stranger’s smile. That’s at least, how I imagine HM the queen's last moments. Or at least, that is how I hope she spent her last morning in the earthly realm before her soul started the journey to merge with the Divine.

What will be, will be

As for “the philosopher king” and future King of the British Monarchy, Prince Charles: Change will likely come when the Prince of Wales becomes king, bringing the crown more in line with around 40% of the British population that is not Christian. He has stated his desire to be a “Defender of Faith” rather than a “defender of the Faith,” according to author Sally Bedell Smith.

However, what will be will be. I, in the meantime, will start listening to Akal by White Sun. A mantra that is chanted to help release a soul from its attachment to this life when a person dies. It means that there is no death, only liberation. Or as the Kundalini Platform spiritvoyage.com explains: This mantra is chanted to help release a soul to merge with the Divine. This meditation is a final and beautiful gift to give to someone when they pass from this life and transition to whatever lies beyond. It is also a way to help say goodbye and heal your own heart from the loss of a loved one. Chanting Akal helps to lighten the Earth’s vibration and allow the soul to lift beyond.

Kundalini Yoga teaches us that a soul stays in the Earth’s vibration for 17 days after leaving its body. Chanting Akal daily for those 17 days is very helpful for them. It is a very powerful chant when done with a group, especially if that group is focusing its group energy on a single soul.

Fare well, Lilibet.

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