Ursula Häusler's Beauty Regimen

par The Goddess Collective mai 07, 2022

Ursula Häusler's Beauty Regimen

Since January 8th, whenVenus shifted from evening star to morning star, the very first thing I do after I get up is looking out our bathroom window to the east to see if I can spot Venus shining her bright light before the sun rises. If the weather conditions allow I connect with her for a brief moment and ask for any guidance she has for me for the day. I do feel a very strong connection to this goddess planet – I guess because she is my Birth Chart ruler.

To fully wake up I wash my face with cold water and the Ginkgo & Organic Grape revitalising cleaning gel from Lavera. Next I spray Dr. Hauschka’s Facial Toner on my face before I massage the Hyaluron Supreme Organic Anti Aging Serum from Rosental with a Jade Roller by Easy Livin into my skin followed by the Melissa Day Cream from Dr. Hauschka. For the area under my eyes I use the Eye Cream from Junglück. After this quick skincare routine I put on some workout clothes, prepare a warm lemon water and then, if there’s enough time, I love to start the day with a 10-15min Yoga flow or stretching session from the FitOn app – I just recently introduced this new routine and some days my 5 year old son likes to join me.

Then I (or we) pull one card of each of the following 2 Gabrielle Bernstein’s Inspiring Messages Decks – "The Universe has your back" and "Super Attractor" to start the day with a positive message and some days we also like to pull one card of The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck from Kim Krans.My son loves these animal cards and is always super excited about the animal he got.

Before I brush my teeth I sometimes use the Mouth Oil Cure I24 from Oliveda. Then I do a quick make-up with mostly MAC products. This is the only area in my beauty routine where I haven’t managed to go completely clean, natural and organic yet because I just love these products too much. First I use the Sun Flower tinted fluid from MADARA organic skincare, then I cover any red areas with the Foundation Stick from Bobbi Brown. Next I use (the following are all MAC products) Studio Fix Concealer under my eyes, a Blush to add some colour to my cheeks and then I apply the Mineralize Skin Finish for a matt finish. For my Eyes my go to products are the Paint Pot in Painterly, the Pro Longwear Fluidline Eye Liner and the Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara both in black. If I style my brows I use the Eye Brow Styler in Fling and the clear Brow Set to keep them in shape. For a fresh look for my lips I love the Cardamom Herbal Lip Tint from Poppy and Someday.

Next I walk my son to Kindergarten and depending on the day and if the timing allows it, I either go for an hour walk in nature while listening to an inspiring podcast, to the gym to pull some weights or I do a KINRGY X Session or SWEAT/FitOn Workout at home.

Then I take a shower with a Yope shower gel, at the moment it’s the Cedarwood and bitter orange natural revitalising shower gel. Sometimes I use a sea salt scrub (eg. the Sekhmet Salt Scrub from Poppy and Someday) over any chakra I feel stagnation. I leave the scrub on the area for a few minutes, breath into that spot and when I feel ready I rinse it off. I also love to meditate for 5-10 minutes in the shower as I get most inspired when surrounded by water. After the shower I like to moisturise my skin with either a Lavera or Oliveda Body lotion and a few times per week I use the delicious Moon Bath Every Body – Grounding Body Oil.Then I always use Schmidt's Jasmine Tea Deo-Stick. It is very important to me that I use as many natural and organic products as possible. I also don’t like to use non essential oil based perfumes anymore - that’s a huge change to my lifestyle before I had my son in 2016 when I didn’t pay such close attention to the ingredients in my personal care products. That is why I love all the Aura Sprays from LOVEHEALING.


After getting dressed I have my coffee with oat milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon and curcuma at my home office desk where I check my MAGIC of I. Astrological Planner and my Jo & Judy x Carmushka planner to a) get in tune with the daily astrological transits & b) my to do’s for the day. Sometimes I feel like I want some more guidance from the Universe so before I start to work for a few hours I draw a card from Rebecca Campbell’s "The Starseed Oracle Cards" or "Work your Light Oracle Cards" Deck. I love how these messages are always so on point and support me in feeling very connected to the Universe.

In the evening I wash my face with the same cleaning gel from Lavera as in the morning, take off my eye make-up with the Soft Eye Make-Up Remover from Lavera and then I apply the Bakuchiol Supreme Organic Anti Aging Serum from Rosental on my face and the Primavera’s Manuka & Organic Borage Calming Eye Contour Cream under my eyes. For my lips I use the HURRAW Moon lip balm. Also, If I don’t forget and especially in Winter I like to use Love Hands, a natural Swiss made hand cream from Trash Hero, to nourish my hands.

Before going to bed I sometimes meditate with the Chopra App or if the weather allows connect with the moon & stars again. If I feel inspired I also write a few lines in one of my beautiful MAGIC of I. journals or I write into my gratitude journal from CGD London. But quite frankly I don’t do it as often as I would like to because I sometimes fall asleep with my son or watch an Astrology class or read a book until I’m too tired to journal.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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