This Is How You Can Make Your Own Full Moon Water

This Is How You Can Make Your Own Full Moon Water

Apr 16, 2022The Goddess Collective

As you could read in our last blog post, tonight's Full Pink Moon in Libra is all about balance and harmony. And even more. As Ursi Hausler, a Authenticity & Empowerment Coach and Astrology Lover writes on her Instagram Page: "This lunation highlights the Aries/Libra Axis – the "Me" vs "Me & You". It's all about staying true to ourselves by embodying our most authentic and unique self while also honoring all our relationships.

It's time to be grateful for everything we love about our lives and to release what no longer serves us!  

A different approach on how to use tonight's full moon energy

With all this said, there is no better moment than tonight to create your very own moon water for the first time, (should you haven't done this before already) and thus to realize that crystals aren't the only item you can charge with la luna’s magic. The celestial body can charge your water with whatever energy you need to get through the next month or so, so you’ll want to make plenty. 

The HOW, in respect to making moon water, is a wonderfully easy to make practice we've learned from "The Original Three" – a circle of white witches and shamans in London – and that we want to share here with you. Long story short: Here, more details on what moon water is as well as how you can make and use this potent energetic tool. 

The magic of moon water

As you might now, water can absorb any kind of energy and thus has a very specific effect on you. So, beware of the way you talk around your drinking water or where you let your drinking bottle sit e.g. on a newspaper or gossip magazine ... no thank you, but no. Mind you: It not only collects the moon's radiant light and its phase properties, but it can amplify your magical workings or intentions as well.

This is why "The Original Three" recommend you to set your intentions right at the beginning. Ask yourself what you want and need from this full moon, and consider writing down your intention as a manifestation exercise. You can place the written manifestation next to, taped to, or situated underneath the container, or simply take a meditative moment near the water thinking about your intention. Once you feel you have infused your water with your intention, the step is complete. Oh, and feel free to place crystals such as rose quartz inside of the water.


How to make moon water - step by step

  • Choose a container that's reflective of the intentions you want to set
  • Fill your container using tap, filtered, or bottled water
  • Infuse your moon water with your intentions
  • Place the jar where it can absorb moonlight
  • In the morning, retrieve it, and use it however you see fit
  • Last but not least: Do not make moon water during a Mercury retrograde, for instance, when it's more of a struggle to think and communicate your intentions and desires.

How to use moon water 

You can basically use moon water as you'd use water in general. Be it by drinking (you'll notice that this water tastes softer and somewhat calming), making a mucilage – a infusion with edible flowers or herbs –, washing your face or creating your own aura spray.

As we are currently in love with violets, we'll create tonight a violet leaf infusion, by using cold water as mentioned above, filled with violet leafs and flowers and infusing it overnight under the moonlight. We call this mucilage moon tea, that – thanks to the violets – is sweeter and a little bit more delicate in flavor as if exposed to heat.

Happy, happy full moon in Libra and with love, to you -TGC Team 


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