101 Eclipse-Saison

18 April 2023

In dieser Widder-Saison haben wir zwei neue Monde. Die zweite am 20. April ist mit einer hybriden Sonnenfinsternis gekoppelt, einer Kombination aus einer totalen Sonnenfinsternis und einer ringförmigen Sonnenfinsternis, und ihre Auswirkungen werden weltweit zu spüren sein. Finsternisse sind Zeiten der Offenbarungen. Sie erschüttern unsere Welt und zeigen uns Dinge, die wir lieber nicht sehen würden, derer wir uns aber bewusst werden müssen, um uns weiterzuentwickeln. Hier ist unser tiefer Tauchgang für Sie.

The Dos & Don'ts with Mercury in retrograde

29 Dezember 2022

As if 2022 hasn't been an f**** already, it's Mercury Retrograde – again. Yes. The 4th Retrograde of communication planet Mercury starts today December 29th and ends on January 18th. Ugh, we know. But why don't you say "screw you, Mercury retrograde" and do things your own way? Read on to find out how.

How to survive the pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde and the upcoming eclipse season

27 April 2022

Since Monday, it's cosmically really going on. In addition, a partial solar eclipse is scheduled for the new moon in Taurus – which is why some of us might fear an emotional meltdown. Totally woo-woo? Not really: A little more mindful behavior is never wrong.

Full Pink Moon Magic

14 April 2022

On Saturday, the full moon rises in the zodiac sign Libra. This Full Moon, also called the Pink Full Moon, provides - after the best day of the year on Tuesday (thank you, Jupiter-Neptune conjunction!) - harmony, balance and possibly even luck in love. We'll show you how to get the most out of this special constellation of stars and make this magic work for you.

Rituals for New Moon in Aries

31 März 2022

Today is March 31st and thus a perfect moment to start April as well as spring with full freshness. These rituals assembled by our guest editor Suzanne Kenney can help you to achieve this goal.

Venus, The Goddess of Love

14 Februar 2021

Since today is Valentine’s Day it is the perfect opportunity to talk about the love energy we get from the universe in 2021 and to connect on a deeper level with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and  divine feminine energy. 

The Cosmic Energies Of 2021

15 Januar 2021

"From an astrological perspective this 2021 won't be as intense as last year" our astrologer Ursi says. We will have a lot more of Aquarian energy, that represents a free spirit which means a revolutionary, inventive energy is coming our way.

How Astrology Can Be A Tool of Empowerment

31 Dezember 2020

Astrology reconnects us with the cycles of nature, the cosmos and is a wonderful tool that helps us become more consciously aware of who we truly are, hence we can become less judgmental and more compassionatewith ourselves but also with our environment.

TGC's Guide To Full Moon Bathing

25 September 2020

Full moon energy supports releasing old layers, beliefs or relationships that aren’t serving you well. These simple bath rituals for each zodiac sign should to do the trick.