The Dos & Don'ts with Mercury in retrograde

von The Goddess Collective 29 Dezember 2022

The Dos & Don'ts with Mercury in retrograde

There are sooooo many posts on social media with the hashtag #mercuryretrograde. Even Taylor Swift once said, "it would be better to blame Mercury retrograde for mishaps like delayed trains or wrongly sent emails".



Although Mercury retrograde is universally despised, it's important to remember that this experience truly isn't the end of the world. After all, it only takes place around 3 to 4 times per year, which means Mercury retrograde is already a familiar experience to you and an integral part of your annual solar journey!

This retrograde lasts around three weeks and has a way of dredging up unresolved drama from your past, especially if a conversation has been left on "read" for far too long. As Mercury begins its backward tailspin across the zodiac, it brings attention to unsettled situations, providing a platform to gain closure and leave the past behind you.

Here are our Dos & Don'ts for the coming period:


  • Start asking yourself: could you be clear about where you are now in your life? You can spend the next months clarifying questions like "What do I want?" or "Where do I want to go?". It's the perfect time to reflect about yourself and your future.
  • Don't be so strict or too self-critical with yourself. Better: Ask yourself which characteristics or patterns are hindering you rather than bringing you forward and say goodbye to them.
  • Learn to say NO.
  • If a relationship – whether it's your boyfriend or your BFF – isn't doing you any good, it's time to say goodbye. It hurts, but it is better in the long run.


  • Please don't take everything so personally. Even if we feel more vulnerable than usual, this only leads to unnecessary arguments.
  • Starting a new project spontaneously and without thinking makes no sense now.
  • By taking unnecessary risks like quitting your job out of the blue, you will only harm yourself at this time. That's because the planetary constellation is not particularly suitable for financial matters.
  • Watch out your electronic devices. No coffee next to your laptop – only crystals!
  • Even though Mercury retrograde can make you rebellious: refrain from unnecessary drama, like delivering a scene to your supervisor followed by a mic drop.
  • Avoid gossiping or blaming others. It's not for nothing that Mercury is also called the god of communication and speed in Roman mythology, which is why once you speak out, you can't take it back.
  • Don't take your relationship for granted. Mercury retrograde makes us question many things. Some justified, some more concerning to the drama queen in us. Better: Give each other enough space and support each other.
  • If your Ex texts you – don't write back. It's over!

From our hearts to yours - TGC Team.

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