Exalted: where obsessions, astrology & family drama meet

Exalted: where obsessions, astrology & family drama meet

Apr 23, 2023The Goddess Collective

In astrology, exaltation is amongst the five important composures of a planet and this is stronger in a sign in which it’s exalted. That means that in this position it can achieve its highest expression and potential. Thus, the best qualities of a planet are enhanced by exaltation. The sun is, for example, exalted in Aries. 

„Exalted“ is also the title of the book by the American author Anna Dorn and it makes us guess our connection to astrology. But for the non-lovers or non-believers in astrology (aren't you on the verge of extinction yet?): don't worry, you don't have to wring your nose. Astrology is only the novel's background, whose main storyline is much deeper and absurdly intricate.

The story focuses on the lives of the two protagonists, Emily and Dawn, who initially seem to have nothing in common apart from astrology. Emily Forrest is in fact a well-known astrologer in Los Angeles, but she has stopped believing in astrology. Dawn is a suburban single mother and an avid fan of Emily‘s work, who tries to find meaning in her life. However, the lives of the two women are destined to intertwine in a completely unimaginable way. Between birth charts, cocktails, dates gone wrong, tailings and lapdances, this novel really has several twists.

Altough the book starts very slowly at first, suddenly it kicks into gear after another, leading us to a huge WTF?! towards the end.

This book is the perfect read for anyone who looks for a little adventure, decidedly non-standard, and is absolutely recommended for anyone who likes astrology.

Like the title already let‘s us guess: This book is exalting!


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