Accessing Divine Clarity

par The Goddess Collective mars 06, 2022

Accessing Divine Clarity


Listen to the pull of your heart. Follow every beat, every flutter, every divine movement. Know in its depth your past and your future are one – only interceded by the present and all it holds for you. Breathe deeply in its meaning, its power, its significance and all will unfold from there.

The method

The answer is at our fingertips in a poised pen. The question or answer simply need constructing and then a poised pen, a quiet mind and inquisitive heart.

From here, all the riches of the universe will flow to you and beyond. Deep and profound universal knowledge will reveal itself to you instantly.

Find a quiet place, an empty welcoming page, a heartfelt question and ask the divine (who- or whatever this might be for you: God, Mother Mary, the Universe, Mama Earth, Arch Angels, Source, Higher Spirit, etc.) for its will. Ask for its guidance. Ask for its love and it will reveal itself, yourself and the essence of all things – all truths – to you.

Wait, listen and transcribe what you "hear" without pause or reflection. Wait until your pen stops and your mind is quiet.

And then simply read what you’ve written with gratitude and its inherent grace.

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