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Victory Magic Face Oil (30ml)


Do you want to finish that big project with fireworks and some gold coins? Do you want to feel grounded and lucky? Do you want to have that extra victorious magic mojo?

Employing the botanical cosmetic benefits of flowers, herbs, oils and essential oils. And then adding a whole other layer to this smoothing, plumping face friend: the magical herbalism layer. Each ingredient carries gifts for you: Luck, Prosperity, and Fire.


Cinnamon bark and Cinnamon essential oil, Star Anise Seeds, Hyssop, Essential Oils of Patchouli, Nutmeg and Clove, Oils of Almond, Grapeseed, Coconut, Olive, Peach Kernel, Pomegranate, Seabuckthorn and Rose Hip

How to Use

Add a few drops or more into the palm of your hands and massage into your freshly washed, still dewy face and neck. Rose water spray works great for this! Take those few minutes to lovingly massage the Victory oil into your precious face, and imagine what you want to accomplish and manifest that day. Hold this vision in your mind's eye while feeling and smelling the Victory oil. It will anchor that vision for you during the day. Carry it along and reapply in case you need support and clearing. This face oil is best applied in the colder months and not in bright sunlight because it has light-sensitive ingredients.