White Sage Love Spirit Smudge Stick

19.00 CHF


Allow love into your home. With this "love spirit" smudge stick and rose quartz, you can cleanse your home of negativity and fill the room with flowers and white sage. Strongly recommended for anyone with a broken heart. White sage has traditionally been a well-known smudging plant. The flowers represent love and friendship.

Why we love it: Use the smudge stick for your love ceremony, or give it as a gift to someone you care about.

Additional information

Smudging means cleaning energy in a specific space by burning certain herbs. White sage is the best-known plant used for this.

Smudging has been done for thousands of years, but it was the Native Americans (Indians) who made its use known. Indians feel a deep connection with nature and the spiritual. They burn white sage to contact the spirit world and chase away evil spirits. Legend has it that white sage makes evil spirits sick. We call the "spirit world" the contact with our subconscious mind. You could think of chasing evil spirits as driving negativity out of your home.

How to Use

White sage comes from California and is the best-known smudging herb. It is known for its sharp, spicy scent and its cleansing effect.

You use it for:

  • The energetic cleaning of a particular space or meaningful objects (gems).
  • Meditation and contact with your subconscious mind.
  • Another advantage is that you immediately chase away mosquitoes with a powerful scent!

How to smudge

Light the Love spirit smudge stick to open yourself and your home to love and friendship. The white sage cleans, while the petals provide softness. Do this as follows:

  • Open doors and windows so that the negative energy can disappear from your house.
  • Place the smudge stick in a fireproof dish or an abalone shell.
  • Light the herbs and wait until you see a flame.
  • Blow out the flame so that the smudge stick smoulders.
  • If you want, spread the smoke with a big feather.

Do not place the herbs near flammable objects.