Poppy and Someday

Sekhmet Salt Scrub


This scrub was created in Leo season and inspired from the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Which means power of the sun at its height. Bringing in a warming energy to transform old stagnation. In the form of a salt scrub you can increase circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system and move out what no longer serves your body. Helichrysum is a powerful plant with restorative properties to the skin. Helichrysum is derived from the Greek helios meaning sun and chrysos meaning gold, referring to the color of the flowers. Calendula brings in Solar energy. Ginger powder is warming, detoxing and moving stagnated lymph. Myrrh resin is warming oil that is sacred, cleansing and powerful oil to support your body while you break through blocking. Self care is so important and connecting to Sekhmet to help increase the solar fire in your core.  


Ginger powder, amber resin, myrrh resin, passionfruit oil, sea buckthorn oil, Himalayan sea salt, Celtic sea salt, helichrysum, palmarosa and calendula essential oils.

How to Use

Use as a moisturizing and exfoliating body scrub in the shower or add to your bath.

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