Moon Bath

Moon Bath Sacred Smoke


Intentionally crafted to clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in,
Sacred Smoke weaves together a harmonious burn blend of four sacred plants from around the world. Frankincense, copal, white sage and lavender provide a sweet and earthy ceremonial smoke.


Frankincense, copal, white sage, and lavender. All ingredients are organic, vegan and gluten free.

How to Use

Clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in.

Moon Bath’s Sacred Smoke is an aromatic blend of thoughtfully chosen botanicals and resins that are burned on a charcoal cinder to purify space. Ignite Sacred Smoke to cleanse and connect your spirit, preparing you for a potent ritual bathing experience.

Religious and spiritual rituals across time and place have integrated the use of burning sacred resins and dried herbs — to clear energy and inspire elevated consciousness. This ancient act perfectly prepares and aligns you and your space for your bathing ritual. Fire is a symbol of transformation and igniting a flame tunes us into a space of internal reflection. Whether we seek to honor a spirit that has moved on from this world, let go and forgive, or stir the inner power we have to face our shadow side, fire harnesses our energy and infuses it with purpose.

Lighting Sacred Smoke drops you into your self-care ritual and stokes the internal fire within to burn brightly.

Each glass vial of Sacred Smoke contains about 10 uses and comes with a roll of 10 cinders.


The smoke of white sage is intended to bless, cleanse and heal. Lavender is used as an invitation to supportive spirits, and a safeguard from negative ones. When burned, frankincense is said to cleanse and protect the soul, ease depression and promote clairvoyance. Copal resin is thought to purify the energy in the field around you.

Side effects may include: deep relaxation, elevated consciousness and connection with Source. Operating heavy machinery not recommended.