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Poppy and Someday

Rose Quartz Face Mask


Legends and myths abound around rose quartz. Beauty-wise, the Egyptian goddess Isis apparently rubbed river-tumbled rose quartz over her face in upward motions and around the eyes to help retain her beauty. According to Ayurvedic texts, the radiant energy of warmed rose quartz crystals as they are massaged on the skin, along the energy channels (nadi) and energy points (marmas), replenishes and restores the energy centers within the body.


Powered rose quartz, pearl (sourced from Sunpotion), white kaolin clay, marshmallow root powder, oatstraw powder, aloe vera powder, rosehip powder, lavender powder, chamomile powder

How to Use

Mix this luxurious face mask with water, honey, or a Facial Mist of your choice, and then apply it to the face. Let dry and rinse off. Follow with Ojas Face Serum or moisturizer of choice. This crystal-infused face mask will cleanse your pores from impurities while nourishing and restoring your skin cells.