Pauline R

Le Troisième Parfum – Solar Plexus


For the Go Getter/Urban Warrior in you: Discover the exotic and warm city of Manipura, also known as “jewel city” in Sanskrit. It contains the pearls of clarity, wisdom, and confidence essential to your being. Awakening the vital energies of the solar plexus chakra, Le Troisième Parfum illuminates you from within. Its luxurious ingredients elicit the aura of the third chakra, absorbing and assimilating energy from the sun. Vivid notes of Italian citrus, neroli flower and Egyptian jasmine weave through a base of French vetiver, Guatemalan cardamom, musk and juniper berry from Eastern Europe. Anointed by this precious scent, you are strong, confident and successful. It arouses your most empowered being. Do not be a wallflower. Be bold. Be daring. Shine.


Italian citrus, neroli flower, Egyptian jasmine, French vetiver, Guatemalan cardamom, musk, juniper berry from Eastern Europe.


This fragrance encourages you to radiate your power in the world. Confidence, self-discipline, strength, success and the intellect.


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