Le Sixième Parfum – Third Eye

88.00 CHF 110.00 CHF


For the Visionary in you: Close your eyelids and venture into the unknown. Discover the world of the third eye. Le Sixième Parfum combines bright vibrancy with lush warmth. Pink pepper, with its sharp, spicy air and a touch of deep violet, is one of the top notes. It allows the subsequent layers to shine and offsets the floral accord. Iris, based on the heart, is said to open the soul. Mystical, elegant and meditative. Crystalline clarity is achieved. The multi-sensory transformation is complete with suede and creamy velvet-like base notes. Stay in the dark, or let the light in. Open the doorway of vision and intuition. Be a visionary with eyes of love.


Bergamot, lemon, pink pepper, iris, osmanthus, jasmine, suede, patchouli, ambroxan, cedar, labdanum, musk.


This fragrance is all about The sixth sense, perception, vision, and intuition, helping you to reach them by opening the sixth chakra.