Pauline R

Le Cinquième Parfum – Voice Chakra


For the Divine in you: Stand in an ample open space. Hear your divine inner voice resonate in the ether. Nature will communicate and reciprocate through the rustling of leaves and clouds moving. Le Cinquième Parfum is orchestrated to arouse the mellifluous throat chakra. The perfume varies from dramatically potent to a seductive whisper. Fresh, top notes burst with mint, basil and sun-warmed Italian bergamot: strong aromatic woods, warm amber and velvety musk blend. The evening is said to sing in the voice of golden amber. Speak your truth and gratitude. Paint with your voice what the eyes don’t see. The one thing you have that is unique is your voice, mind, and vision. Silence will not save you. 


Mint, basil, sage, musk, Somalian incense, amber, Italian bergamot


This Fragrance helps with self-expression and communication, opening the fifth chakra and thus realising one’s higher vocation, projecting authentic creativity timeously into the world.