Needle Quartz Cluster Medium

115.00 CHF



This extremely versatile stone adapts to the specific needs of the individual. Think of it as a very high vibrational canvas that allows you to program your intention or energy. This makes it ideal for manifesting as it applies the power of your intention and sends it out into the world with beautiful protective light. The naturally clear appearance of this Quartz is representative of the way it assists in helping one see through their own perceived limitations and move forward.

Clear Quartz can be used for all Chakras and amplifies the effects of other crystals around it, making it the most potent healing and energy-amplifying crystal on the planet. 

For more information, visit our page about crystals and their meaning.

How to Use

Make Clear Quartz your next meditation partner for a more enlightening experience by placing crystals in and around the home. This ritual will create subtle changes in your energy of yourself and your environment. 

Additional Information

No two are alike; each is hand-selected, carefully considering its origin and sourcing.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone's unique colour and form.