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Lacrème Beauté

Mediterranean Orange Body Wash (200ml)


This beautifully silky, lightly foaming, natural body wash cleanses as it hydrates and revitalises the skin, leaving the skin free from tightness or irritation. Infused with a handpicked blend of invigorating essential oils, it gently nourishes the skin whilst uplifting and delighting the senses.


The hydrating base of this uplifting body wash is aloe vera, which soothes, cleanses and hydrates, leaving the skin clean and supple without causing irritation. Ylang ylang essential oil helps to maintain the skin’s own delicate moisture balance, while patchouli essential oil soothes and tones. Sweet orange detoxifies deeply whilst its aroma promotes feelings of pure joy.

How to Use

Use daily in your shower or bath to maintain optimal skin health. For best results, follow with the Mediterranean Orange Body Cream.

Additional Benefits

Try dry brushing before your shower or bath to stimulate the body’s natural detoxification processes. Move the brush over dry skin, in circular motions towards the heart.