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Ant Na Siftee Mantra Bangle


We have created our Mantra Bangle Collection to promote a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, mindfulness.Wear your mantra bangle every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration. 

With this specific bangle you'll find the 24th Pauri of Japji, Ant Na Siftee, engraved on the inside of the bangle in Gurmukhi. It is also known as Pauri of Infinity and is said to having the capacity to give you infinite powers. The sounds of Ant Na Siftee sort out the subconscious landscape and rearrange the karmic patterns and samskaric patterns in your favor. It will cut out anything that divides you from your own rhythmic, cosmic, harmonious current, and will break up limitations and cut out negativity.

On both ends of the bangle we placed a facetted emerald. A stone that in ancient times was hailed for its spiritual properties and symbolism of the gods. The gem was used as a defence against spells and the dark arts throughout early periods. Warding away evil spirits was a key reason many people wore emeralds, but the stone was also regarded for its beauty, so much so that many kings, queens, and leaders used the gem when adorning themselves in jewellery. In fact, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt is known to have been a great admirer of the stone

Furthermore we have blessed the Ant Na Siftee Mantra Bangle with full moon water whilst chanting a mantra, that will help you to break karmic patterns.


24k gold plated silver and precious facetted emerald on both ends. Our artisans in Jaipur use sustainable gold and ethical gems only.

If you'd like your mantra bangle in 14k solid gold please write to for a bespoke order.


Available in two sizes: 5,7 cm (diameter from the inside) and 6 cm (diameter from the inside), thickness à 3 mm

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