La Fortune Incense Blend

25.00 CHF


The incense La Fortune reminds us that life is constantly changing and is therefore charged with light, power, and positive energy to support you in everyday life's challenges. Use this potent incense to feel the soft embrace of the universe – the magic of fate and destiny is behind you, and miracles are happening.


Violet Roots, Myrrh, Pimento, Rosehips, Cardamon, Pine Needles, Muira Puama, and Hawthorn.

How to Use

We recommend smoking the blend on an incense bowl so the individual scents are better and not burned too quickly. 

For this incense, you will need a charcoal tablet, a safe heatproof container (lit charcoal can reach approximately 649 Celsius), and a lighter or matches. A ceramic bowl filled with sand is our personal favorite for this ritual. If you're using a metal incense burner, place a wood coaster or cloth underneath it to avoid scorching your table or altar.

To light the charcoal, hold it by one edge while applying flame to the other. Self-lighting charcoal will begin to crackle and pop as the surface ignites. (You can blow on it gently as if lighting a campfire.) When the whole surface is glowing, it's ready for you to add your incense. Add incense a pinch at a time, and let the Wheel of Fortune begin to turn again.

Additional information

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