The Goddess Collective

Intuitive Tarot Reading with Irène – 60 Min. (ENG/DE/FR)

Readings with Irène are mystical and create magnetic energy.

Thanks to her Slavic background and Gipsy heritage, clairvoyance was practically laid in her cradle. Irène learned how to read tarot cards from her aunt (teta Nena), and while reading, she relies on her intuition and messages from the universe and her ancestors.

No reading can be compared to another, as she completely engages with her counterpart and thus creates a trusting and loving space for the respective person.  

Please note that channelings or readings are separate from professional, qualified help. We are not attorneys, doctors, financial advisors, psychologists, or psychotherapists. Therefore, we can't provide legal, medical, or financial advice or psychological counseling.

All readings are confidential.

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