Fractal Forest

Go State - Adaptogenic Herbal Spagyric


This formula is an extraction of potent botanical tonics that nourish Jing (our vital life force). Go State creates a sustainable source of energy without the sides effects of caffeine or adrenal collapse. Providing you with an awakened and focused state of being. This is the ultimate longevity tonic that also helps the body adapt to stress. 


Panax ginseng, pine pollen, chaga, schizandra, goji berries, gingko, Kauai vanilla bean, roselle hibiscus, gynostemma, rhodiola, shilajit, pure cane spirits, kangen water, plant salts

How to Use

Take 2-10 Drops of this energizing and adaptogenic herbal spagyric under tongue as needed. Not recommended for use in the afternoon/before bed. 

Not For Use During Pregnancy 

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