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Fractal Forest

Blu Botanical Serum


Harmonizing and anti-inflammatory facial elixir. Nutrient rich botanical oils to renew, repair and cleanse. Can be helpful for skin that tends toward breakouts.


Camellia seed oil, wild carrot seed oil, passionfruit seed oil, argan oil, apricot seed oil. Essential oils of: Blue tansy, blue yarrow, wild chamomile, meadowfoam seed oil. Handcrafted with love on Kauai.

How to Use

Cleansing is an essential part of your skincare ritual but so often it can be a process of stripping the skin of all it's moisture and oil which in turn creates an imbalance. Fractal Forest's Blu face serum effectively removes impurities while leaving your skin glowing and soft. This formula has antioxidant rich oils that protect and strengthen the skin's natural barrier layer and help lock in moisture and hydration.


Brightening, hydrating, regenerating, cleansing