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Aura Spray LOVE


Opens the heart and brings love into life


Rose & Geranium – Rose oil is one of the most valuable oils, as its production is complex and requires many rose petals. The rose is not only a symbol of love, but it also has a close connection to the heart chakra. Geranium oil is a rare and therefore very valuable oil. Its scent has a mood-lifting and uplifting effect. The perfect spray to boost your self-love when you are heartbroken or in an emotional phase. At the same time it opens your heart for self-love and empathy.

All LOVEHEALING aura sprays - filled in beautiful glass bottles - contain rock crystal water, which is a special composition of rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst and is produced by hand.

How to Use

Verena's Ritual: "First thing in the morning, I start my Self-Love Ritual in the bathroom. I spray our Aura Spray LOVE on my palms and over my head, breathe in the wonderful natural scent of the rose petals and set my intention for the day. This works especially well with our LOVE affirmation: "I choose to see clearly with the eyes of love".

The LOVE Spray helps me to consciously focus my day on love & positive experiences and thus draw beautiful experiences into my everyday life.

My tip: Write down at least 3 things every day for which you were especially grateful today. This can be gratitude for beautiful things you have experienced, gratitude for dear people you have met, but also for challenges you have faced."

Additional Benefits

Use this flowery, emotional and mood-lifting aura spray in combination with following mantra, that you can repeat silently in your head over and over whilst spritzing: