Aura Spray BYE BYE BOO


Provides security and relaxation for small and big scaredy-cats.


Tonka, Lavender, Mandarin and Cedar – Tonka and lavender oils are relaxing and promote a good night's sleep. Tangerine oil is calming for children, and cedar oil dispels anxiety and relieves tension.

All LOVEHEALING Aura Sprays - filled in beautiful glass bottles - contain our rock crystal water, a unique composition of rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst and is produced by hand.

Age recommendation

For children from 3 years.

Additional Benefits

The perfect spray for children to chase away unloved fantasy creatures from the nursery! As soon as you spot monsters, ghosts or monsters, take the spray and spray one or two times on the toys, in the corner of the room or under the bed, and the spook is over. LOVEHEALING's Bye Bye Boo spray is also the ideal essence for falling asleep: sprayed in the room or on the pillow before bed, it ensures good dreams.

Also ideal as a gift for kids and parents.


Tina says about this particular aura spray: "My favourite spray is the children's monster spray BYE BYE BOO. Imagination ensures that children live in a wonderful world, which can be scary sometimes. I don't know any child who isn't afraid of monsters, monstrosities and other strange creatures from time to time. In the case of our daughter Liv, it got to the point where she was reluctant to play or even sleep in her nursery. Since she owns the BYE BYE BOO spray (which she always proudly tells about in kindergarten:), she has the means to drive the unloved troublemakers out of her room. She sprays the spray in every corner and on every toy infested with monsters and knows they will immediately take flight. In addition, the lavender scent has a calming effect, so falling asleep in the evening is no longer a problem."

How to Use

Use this flowery, emotional and mood-lifting aura spray combined with the following mantra that you can repeat silently in your head while spritzing:  I AM STRONG, BOLD AND CONFIDENT!