Every one of us has a masculine and a feminine part within. No matter how much weight each part may have, these two forces must be balanced to create harmony and self-love.

The female part represents the emotional part of our being, which evaluates it in every respect before deciding. It is the one that ruminates on the past and the future. It is our third eye, our intuitive, aka spiritual part. Without it, we wouldn’t be complete. However, the female side we all carry deep inside us is still considered the weak side – at least, that’s what society wants us to believe. Why? Intuitiveness remains synonymous with witchcraft, hocus-pocus, and showing emotions, especially negative ones, is a sign of weakness. But, thanks to their feminine part, everyone has what is also called the sixth sense, intuition, or spirituality.
That is why we want to encourage you to accept the feminine side in us and give it visibility and respect because it helps us to become our most authentic selves. Hiding them only leads to discouragement, frustration, and depression.

And it is precisely to our female part, our inner goddess, to which our community is dedicated.
Regardless of your gender, age or spiritual background, The Goddess Collective (TGC) is your community to support you in accepting yourself exactly as you are and to be a comfort for you in any situation.