Even Hildegard von Bingen, a famous personality in mediaeval crystal healing, recognized the healing powers of gypsum since selenite is a gypsum crystal. For centuries, gypsum has been used as an important healing stone in natural medicine and a cornerstone in conventional medicine. Alabaster is divided into two types: a variety of gypsum and Egyptian alabaster, which is a marble-like variety of calcite. Other gypsum varieties include selenite (Marienglas) and sand roses (desert roses). Marienglas are gypsum crystal panels of special (glass-like) purity, and sand roses are rosette-like structures.

Selenite can inhibit energetic processes in the body and mind and thus ensure mental stability, calm the mind and help with hyperactivity. In addition, selenite increases concentration and creativity and provides vitality. It enables to recognize and discard of old behavioural patterns.