The name of this crystal comes from Selene, the goddess of the moon according to Greek mythology. In fact, the colouring of this stone tends towards white, has a high degree of transparency and reflects a white light similar to that of the moon.

Even Hildegard von Bingen, a famous personality in mediaeval crystal healing, recognized the healing powers of gypsum since selenite is a gypsum crystal. For centuries, gypsum has been used as an important healing stone in natural medicine and a cornerstone in conventional medicine. Alabaster is divided into two types: a variety of gypsum and Egyptian alabaster, which is a marble-like variety of calcite. Other gypsum varieties include selenite (Marienglas) and sand roses (desert roses). Marienglas are gypsum crystal panels of special (glass-like) purity, and sand roses are rosette-like structures.

Selenite is a moonstone and strictly feminine. Very delicate, it must be handled with extreme caution, especially when it has not been worked and is in its rough state.


It is, together with the moonstone, the moon crystal par excellence. Linked to emotions, feelings and women. This stone is used when support is needed during times of change. The energy it emits with strong intensity instils peace in its possessor, also stimulating the functionality of the crown chakra. Of all known crystals, selenite is among those that have a greater capacity to put us in contact with the angelic realm and its spirit guides and divine protectors.

A curious feature of this stone is the effectiveness with which it enhances the development of telepathic abilities between two like-minded individuals. It is also thought that information can be stored within the crystal, and that it can later be picked up by another person through contact with them. In general, prolonged contact with a selenite crystal has beneficial effects on the muscular system, making it stronger and less prone to stress, as well as more flexible than normal. Precisely because of this characteristic, it can also be useful in improving certain disorders related to the skeletal system, sometimes caused by incorrect muscle work.

It is also used to eliminate all obstacles that prevent, totally or partially, the flow of energy in the body. In particular, it is able to channel high-frequency energy and graft it into the parts of the body that need it most.