Rose quartz got its name because of its colour. According to Greek and Roman mythology, he is said to have been brought to earth by Eros (or in Roman: Amor), the god of love, to give people love. Therefore, it has always been considered a stone of fertility.

An oriental legend explains its origin as follows: a poor, handsome young man loved a young woman of a higher caste than his, so they were forced to meet secretly. The young man always brought his beloved a gift of a rose variegated in white like the colour of her complexion. One day the young woman's father discovered them and killed them: the rose they held in their hands turned into a beautiful stone flower, the rose quartz.


Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone for the heart. Because he ensures sensitivity and romance, it is the stone for lovers because it awakens desires and desires. The rose quartz strengthens especially the receptivity for love. Because of him, the lover is once again on cloud nine. So it is unsurprising that the rose quartz also ensures that relationship fears and fears of lack of understanding or dealing with other people disappear. The heart opens and dares more because it gains confidence in its abilities. As a result, rose quartz also has a calming effect on the mind. However, this gemstone also helps to feel an emotional connection with one's partner and is used in long-term relationships. Through him, a relationship can achieve new harmony and understanding. In addition, this healing stone, like ruby or rhodochrosite, also increases the need for sexuality. However, rose quartz does this in a very tender and sensitive way. In the case of lovesickness, the rose quartz prevents the heart from closing, helps to let go and thus alleviates the suffering. The gentle effect of the rose quartz makes its wearer more open-minded, it develops confidence for a new beginning. The gem also helps to heal emotional wounds.

How to charge

Rose quartz can be charged after use under running water.