Fluorite is one of the most popular stones - thanks to its colour variations and diverse crystal shapes. It is also said to have some of all gems in itself. It is also said to have healing powers. Fluorspar is synonymous with fluorite and goes back to its use as a flux in metalworking. Fluorite is derived from the Latin word «fluere» (in English: to flow). Nowadays, fluorite is also used to extract fluorine.

Rainbow fluorite combines the effects of almost all healing stones and thus helps to achieve inner harmony. It gives mental freedom and vitality, ensures change and increases creativity. Like other fluorites, it is particularly suitable as a healing stone for those with concentration and learning difficulties since the rainbow fluorite increases receptivity, provides clarity and understanding and sharpens the sense of order. It also helps to reshape life, alleviate anxiety or depression and awaken suppressed feelings. In addition, it helps to discard one-sided perspectives and restrictive lifestyles. The rainbow fluorite promotes intuition and inspiration and sensitizes love and friends.